Monday, April 20, 2009

William Eggleston

William Eggleston is a photographer that is known for his use in color in his photographs. Although he embraces a "snap shot" aesthetic, what really makes his photographs stand out is their color. This photograph for example just wouldn't work if it weren't in color. The blood red of the walls and ceiling is imminent and eye catching, transformed into black and white photography it would just be a gray color that wouldn't really transmit anything. If it weren't for color, one would probably bypass the poster of sexual positions in the corner, something that I feel is important for the meaning of the photograph and this particular motel room that it was taken in. Most of the photograph is just in a monochromatic color scheme of reds and whites, yet that poster, with a sort of neon color scheme, stands out even if it is not the main focus of the photograph.

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