Saturday, January 31, 2009


Matthew Barney

This picture by Matthew Barney is amazing in its capture of brilliant dynamism in the absolutely still medium of photography.  As an athlete and master of many visual art forms, he has united his interests with his talents to form this truly masterful image.  This cluttered, almost futuristic room, combined with the man's flying, triumphant pose, imparts to the viewer a certain hopefulness along with feelings of  awe, particularly toward the power of the human body.

Tara Donovan

Tara Donovan is a sculptor who sees the extraordinary in the ordinary.  The work seen here is made of mylar and hot glue, and demonstrates that, by learning to look at things through the artist's lens, simple objects can be transformed far beyond their simple origins.  She even has used pencils and cups to explore the representation of cities and mountains.

I think this particular sculpture is magnificent.  It reminds me both of clouds viewed from above, and of an archipelago peeking up from the ocean, and thus also captures the dichotomy between the ephemeral and the concrete.

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pen drawing

Friday, January 30, 2009




Things in the living room

My drawing didn't all fit in the scanner, so I tried
to scan two images and put them together the best 
I could. My extra rule was to hold the pen like a 
knife when using my dominant hand.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Pen Drawing


This image is from a Ann Hamilton performance in which each line of a book was burned out. This is a somewhat shocking ritual as books are usually treasured pieces of information. Perhaps she believes words are not the best way to express meaning, and therefore is getting rid of them. I like this particular image because you can actually see how hot the burning metal is in contrast to the darkness of the burned out lines of text. 

banana 4

Banana 3

Banana 2

This Tim Hawkinson image is very eye catching with the position of the hands twisted around each other, and the replacement of fingertips with a whole hand, this images makes the viewer look closely to examine the unusual new body parts. 




teenage angst



Pen Drawing: The View In My Window

Continuous Slow Contour: Pear