Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Alicia Dillard:Elizabeth Murray

I love this piece by Elizabeth Murray. The center of this piece immediately captured my eye because of the bright colors. The part that I love most about this piece is that the colors and the white background seem to bring attention to each other; in this way they are balanced. When I first looked at this work I though the center was depicting a city, but the closer I look the more I discover that I have no idea what the center of this piece is trying to depict. I see a man, some letter, and what looks like a cat, but I cannot distinguish what the other shapes are. The other interesting part of this piece is the title, “The Sun and the Moon.” I think that the title is essential to the piece in this instance; suddenly the whole thing makes sense. The sun is chaotic, which is represented by the overlapping shapes, and the moon is calm, which in represented by the white background.

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