Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shirin Neshat

Shirin Neshat
I find Neshat's photograph very enjoyable for a number of reasons. First, I really enjoy the concept. There's obviously a high emphasis on the hands embracing. I like Neshat's idea to portray human contact in a manner that evokes feelings of intimacy and commitment--or, better yet, it seems to represent an "intimate commitment". It reminds me of the phrase "to take someone's hand in marriage".
I really enjoy the thickness and darkness of the patterns on the hands. The geometirc, curvilinear repetition employed in this pattern really makes the piece successful. I like the fact that in this piece, unity really can be defined and observed in two ways. One could observe unity in the patterns created on the hands and one could also observe the concept of unity that is being portrayed by the overall work itself.

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