Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pat Keck

Although I generally find Pat Keck's sculptures to be very eerie, I find this particular piece to be quite funny. There is a lot of implied motion in the sculpture. Peck achieves this successfully by placing the figure of the man in the act of motion next to a fixed object, which i believe is a shower head. In the figure of the man, his body weight all seems to be shifted toward his lower back and the pressure of this weight seems to be focused on the heels of his feet. The ends of his hair all point in the same general direction. The hairs follow in a line that is not completely horizontal, but is diagonal in a slightly upward direction. The motion implied here, is of water, or some other force (like air?) that rushes downward onto the figure and disorients his balance. For some reason this piece reminds me of the gags that are seen in the old-school "Three Stooges" flicks.

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