Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Elizabeth Murray

In Elizabeth Murray's 1992 piece called "Manhattan Wiggle", we can visualize and feel the importance of balance in art. Murray evokes an diverse sense of balance in this work because the image of Manhattan implies the sense of symmetry and block style layout of New York City. This is furthered by the dark black lines that are in the form of a grid, creating the strong sense of balance and rigid organization. However, at the same time, her use of the few squiggly lines and the blurred red ends of the grids creates a sense of imbalance and chaotic movement that is opposite of the defined sense of NYC. The blurred lines throw off the balance of the island and give it a visually rhythmic feel. Personally, I find the work of Murray awesome because of her unconventional use of shapes and different mediums. I also like her use of colors and real life objects that an audience may not expect in art.

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