Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Alicia Dillard: Scale/proportion artist-maya lin

I really liked this piece by Maya Lin. When I look at this work, I feel as sense of calm and peace that is due to the circles and curvilinear lines. I also enjoyed the perspective that this photo took. By looking down on the piece it feels as if I am far away yet inside the work at the same time. The trees look so small, yet I automatically knew that they were trees. The pathway led by stones grounds the piece, for me. The stones focus my attention and lead me around the work so I am forced to see the piece the way the artist wanted me to look at it. If this photo were from any other perspective I do not think we would be able to see the whole picture. The closer we zoom into the piece the bigger the smaller circle becomes, until the larger circle cannot be seen anymore. This would chance my whole view of this work.

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