Wednesday, March 11, 2009

William L. Pope

The interest of this piece lies in its use of materials.  The split facade is made of two different materials that are clearly meant for construction and building.  These materials in particular, however, are never meant to be visible in the final product.  They are preliminary stages necessary to the creation of a sturdy structure.  In general this building entrance looks unfinished, but more than that, it appears as though it is a snapshot in time, freezing the building in a stage that it was not meant to be seen in by the public.  The resulting effect is one of neglect and emptiness - for this facade seems to have been abandoned before its completion.  The placement of light behind this facade adds a great deal of interest to this piece.  The light seems warm, and like that which would emanate from inside a home.  This seemingly small detail creates a great conflict for the lifelessness of the facade.  

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