Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Felix Gonzalez Torres

This image is interesting because the artist created it on a billboard.  This shows he means for the public to see it, yet the image itself is a private one that most people only see in their own homes.  Though the image is very simple and does not say much itself, it infers a lot.  The two indentations on the pillow and the wrinkled sheets imply that two people were in the bed.  Since the pillows have not yet fluffed back up the people most likely have left the bed pretty recently.  This allows viewer to draw all kinds of story lines in his/her head.  I really like how the bed is all white, which I associate with clean, yet the sheets are all wrinkled and messy.  This is a nice contrast.  I also like the contrast the artist has created by showing such a private image on a public forum.  It could even be interpreted as social criticism, making fun of how society tries to force certain things into the private sphere because there are certain stigma that cause people to feel ashamed.  The artist seems to be making fun of these stigma.

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