Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Elijah Gowin: Falling in Trees12

Elijah Gowin utilizes several techniques to create the illusion of movement in his 2006 work “Falling in Trees12.” There is little question about the fact that the viewer gets the sense that the boy represented is actively falling in this image. The artist conveys this idea by using anticipated motion. Much of the motion we seen in art comes from our own memory and experiences. Therefore we have a good idea of what should happen next in this image or what further movement is to follow. Gowin’s work also exhibits blurred outlines and fuzzy details, which is frequently used to suggest fast movement. (We know that when photographing a subject in fast motion the resulting image is often blurred.) Lastly, the plant’s stalk on the right serves as a line of force. Its verticality shows the pathway of movement and seems to pull the boy towards the bottom of the page.

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