Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mark Bradford

This work explores patterns by creating an image made up of overlapping squares.  Also the difference of shades created by the overlapping squares imply texture.  I especially like how Bradford used primary colors minimally and then a lot of neutral colors- browns, greys, and blacks.  The image seems to pull the viewer's eye down the page because the bottom is darker, so it is weighted heavier.  My eye is also drawn to the "new" towards the top because it is one of the few places we see a bright red and also it is the only word printed on the piece.  I wonder if the word is meant to convey something, or if it were added into the collage for the effect it creates.  It looks like each square is actually the same size, but the pattern varies because of the way they are overlapped- the edges create different sized squares.  The many layers of this piece create an interesting depth.

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