Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Motion: Muybridge

What strikes me the most about Muybridge's work is how early in the history of photography it came about, and how important it was for the development of faster emulsions and higher sensitivities, flash and eventually even film. These series consist of pictures of a man running in two different angles and of a woman going up the stairs while waving a handkerchief. Because they are a series of pictures next to each other with minimal changes in each shot, the illusion of motion is created. Also, each shot appears to have motion because the models stand in poses that are impossible to keep for long. In a way, these photographs appear extremely scientific more than artistic as after all they are "motion studies", yet because of their sequencing, still appear to be telling a story. In Muybridge's work, there appears to be a very strong femininity/masculinity sense, because men are always pictured doing sports and more "manly" activities while women are portrayed doing household things and frolicking around.

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