Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pat Keck

In this work, Keck utilizes multiple techniques to create motion.  First of all, he uses multiple images, that almost appear to be repeated, with the exception of the hair.  At first I wasn't sure whether this confused the piece, but I really think it helps to draw the viewer's attention  In addition, Keck has the feet open, as if the man were mid-step.  His knees are bent, and we really get a sense of the action because our minds fill in what is before and after this stage.  The patterns on the bottom, with the way they change, encourage the readers eye to move back and forth, also giving the sensation of motion.  I especially like the use of only black, white, and red because it helps the viewer to stay focused on the idea of the piece as a whole, rather than what it looks like in its parts.

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